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Goodwin Smith: Who are we?

If you’ve found your way to this page, then you’re wanting to find out more about the brand.

I’ll be glad to take you on a brief tour of our history.

Real History

We’ve been making shoes since 1928. To put that into a time perspective, sliced bread hadn’t been invented when we set up. No really, it wasn’t.

Goodwin Smith all began — as many great things do — outside a pub less than a mile down the road from where our HQ is today. Two rival shoemakers stood face-to-face arguing about which one of them could make the better shoe – Ernie Goodwin or Walter Smith.

The Modern Man

Each man came from different backgrounds: Ernie a Manchester City right-winger, and Walt a hardy coal miner. They soon found they shared the same ideals: a passion not just footwear but quality footwear…and a good night out on the town! After that argument outside the pub, Goodwin and Smith decided to join forces. And now, 90 years later, little has changed. Although the infamous pub is long gone.

Under the leadership of current Managing Director Timothy Smith, Great Grandson of Walter Smith, the ‘Goodwin Smith’ brand has continued to develop and celebrate our two founders. Like Ernie and Walter, the Goodwin Smith ethos represents the epitome of the modern man who knows that though we may not all be cut from the same cloth we can chose our own footprint.

Our Club

There are no rules you have to follow, or people you have to look like to wear a pair of our Bucking Good Shoes. You just have to enjoy life, get stuck in and take the occasional risk and apologies later!

Our Shoes

We design and manufacture quality footwear. It takes time and effort to look good and stand out from the crowd. That’s why we don’t rush the manufacturing process of our shoes. We make sure quality counts at every stage of the process. It can take up to a month to manufacture GS shoes, and each pair is unique. It’s that impeccable attention to detail which ensures our shoes look the business and get you noticed.

Every Goodwin Smith shoe maintains the highest standard in footwear construction, because the two founding lads put their pints to one side and hatched out a plan to create superior footwear. And the least we can do, four generations on, is to honour and uphold what they stood for. Fashions may come and go, but quality is earned. Whether or not it is something you deserve…well, that’s your story.