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Who is the most stylish James Bond? And how to dress like him…

Posted on 24 October, 2017


That James Bond bloke, he lives quite the life doesn’t he? Fast cars, gorgeous girls, gadgets, and an endless supply of government money for travel expenses. And while this lifestyle comes with a few downsides - metal-jawed villains trying to kill you on a daily basis for example - we’d probably be willing to take that trade-off.

When someone says ‘007’ to you though, what’s the very first image it conjures? For the fashionista in us, it paints a picture of suits, tuxedos and immaculate tailoring. But James Bond is famous for wearing much more than formal attire.

From Connery to Craig, in this piece we take a look at who wore it best, and how you can dress like Bond for any given occasion…


Beach Bond

Somewhat iconic now, Casino Royale, the 2006 film starring Daniel Craig, features a certain pair of tight blue trunks. And while many women (and men for that matter) swooned over Craig’s musclebound body as it emerged from the water, we can’t advise wearing the same. It takes a certain physique and...let’s pull those trunks off.

Instead, we like Bond at the Beach in Dr.No and Thunderball. Filmed in 1962 and 1965 respectively, fashion was flourishing, and Bond epitomised cool in both instances.


Sean Connery 2

Of course the Dr.No beach scene (shot in Jamaica) featured the searingly hot Ursula Andress, so James’ outfit was overshadowed a little. But we revisited it and, we have to say, his simple ensemble of a sky blue polo shirt and pale blue chinos looks timeless and exceptional…

Sean Connery

Similarly in Thunderball, his choice of the open pink check shirt with some marl pink chino shorts is something we’d wear now, 52 years on.

Most importantly though, what would Beach Bond have on his feet? Well we can see him rocking a pair of our versatile Hebden Navy plimsolls. Not that we’re biased.


Formal Bond

The one we probably all have in our minds. We’re convinced that any man buying a suit has given the mirror a sneaky ‘the name’s Bond…’ when they’re being fitted up. If you haven’t, do you even own a suit? We think not. Anyway, the choice of Bond in a suit is aplenty, but for us we have to say two really stood out.

The first has got to be Daniel Craig’s grey number in Skyfall. If you manage to look beyond that mouthwatering Aston martin DB5, you’ll see an emphatically well-fitted pale grey suit.


Daniel Craig

The second notable mention goes to Roger Moore in The Man with the Golden Gun. He wore a double-breasted chalk stripe suit very well in this film, and paired it with a rather dapper red tie to complete the Bond look:

Roger Moore

As important as a suit is though, the complete look is only as strong as the footwear. Our Worston Black shoe will give any formal outfit that little edge it needs. The kind of edge an MI6 agent needs.


Casual Bond

Lastly we have Casual Bond. What does James wear in his down time? What does he throw on when he nips to Tesco to buy some bread? Does he even eat bread? Well, as you’d expect, he still wears something very cool.

During Quantum of Solace, Daniel Craig had a rather stellar casual wardrobe. From his khaki hunting jacket and blue wool jumper, to his beige chinos and bomber jacket, check out some of his slickest casual outfit combinations here:


Daniel Craig


On his days off, we are sure Bond craves a bit of comfort, but he won’t want to compromise on style. We get that. That’s why we’ve catered for him with our Newton Tan.

So there you have it. From this list not only have we deduced that the most stylish Bond is probably Daniel Craig, but we’ve also given you some hints on how to dress like him. Now go out there, order Martinis, and sleep with some rich villain’s wife.

(Maybe don’t do that last one - it’s dangerous and you're not James Bond)

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