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Which male body type gets the most sex?

Posted on 21 March, 2018

Written by JON CLARKE

Pressure to look good is higher than it’s ever been for men. With the superhero movie boom, the ‘ideals’ perpetuated by Instagram (not to mention the countless reality shows) men are being told how they should look on a daily basis. Buff, ripped, tanned and tattooed. But are these 21st century body goals the views of other men or the views of women?

We did lots of research, which involved many hours staring at naked male torsos. Please don’t let this research be in vein. Read below to see the five revelations we discovered...

#1: Your height is still of huge importance

Unfortunately for the short guys out there, something that’s apparent from our research is that height is still as crucial as ever. In a recent study conducted by YouGov, women say a romantic partner 5’3” or shorter is generally too short for comfort, while a partner 6’3” or taller is too tall. Apparently, the “ideal” height for a man is 5’11”.


Robert Wadlow

At 8'11", Robert Wadlow is the tallest man who ever lived.


So if you’re just shy of six foot and aspire to be taller, don’t worry. However, if you’re 5’3” or below, we suggest wearing these.


#2: It’s possible to be too ripped

When pumping iron to get all, you know, ‘hench’ and ‘swole’, something most men want to achieve (but struggle to) is a six pack. Unless you are genetically predisposed to having them on show all the time (lucky SOBs), abs are notoriously hard to get and maintain. They require a lot of hard work, both with diet and training. Is all of this graft actually worthwhile though?

It turns out that six packs came in fifth in a recent Goodwin Smith survey about most attractive male features. Women ranked eyes, smile/teeth, height and jawline as more important features than a super cut stomach of steel. Of course, remaining slim is ideal, but going that extra mile to show off each individual ab doesn’t seem to be necessary. So you can relax a bit guys.


Ronnie Coleman

Eight-time Mr. Olympia, Ronnie Coleman, showing exceptional definition.


#3: Vascularity is still a divisive subject

When new veins show themselves after a heavy workout, guys tend to get all excited and proud. However, there are many girls out there that find veiny men a little ‘much’. A quick google and browse of Yahoo Answers will bring up a fairly even split of girls saying they love big veins, whilst there are just as many saying they find them creepy and disgusting.

The jury is still out on this one.

#4: The days of culling your body hair are over

Reality shows such as The Only Way is Essex, and many footballers and superheroes, are shown to be highly groomed and hairless. But is this what women really want?

 Body hair

 Brosnan, Cooper and Jackman all showing how to rock well-maintained body hair.


In a recent Men’s Fitness survey, out of 105 women, 78 said they dig it (73 per cent), while 28 (27 per cent) would prefer a hairless man. However, even though the overwhelming majority likes a little hair, moderation was a common theme.

So don’t bother with the back, sack and crack. Just get a decent trimmer and keep it under control.

#5: Male booty is actually a thing

It’s not just men who like a nice peachy bottom. Unbeknown to many guys out there, women are forever checking your bum out (although maybe not as often or obvious as men do). So what does this mean? Well, it means you should definitely stop skipping leg day and start doing squats.


This picture of Beckham's 'watch' broke the internet a couple of years ago.


Wearing fitted jeans and (even better) suit trousers that hug your bum cheeks firmly is the best way to show off your best asset. Get it. Ass. Et. Moving on…


Hopefully with the insight and tips above, you’ll feel a little more confident about getting all the hot girls knocking on your bedroom door. But, aside from these physical features, two of the most attractive and seductive traits any man can have when it comes to getting a woman into their bed is confidence and humour. If you can win their heart with these two things, then all of the above are bonuses.

We’ll be featuring an article on how to become more confident and funny in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes on The Weekly Buck!

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