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Three style moves you can steal from David Beckham

Posted on 28 March, 2018

Written by JON CLARKE

If ever there was a household celebrity name that’s synonymous with style, its Mr. Beckham. The surname epitomises fashion. It’s a brand in itself. Whenever he steps out of the house, there will no doubt come a certain amount of pressure because of this image he’s built. He can’t simply nip to the petrol station at 1am in his mottled joggers and worn lounge top (though he'd probably still look cool).

No. Every time he’s seen in public, he always looks fresh. How? Well it’s more simple than you might think. You don’t have to be a fashion god, you don’t have to be Beckham himself.

Here are three simple style tricks to steal from one of England’s greatest exports, all of which will have you looking stylish 24/7, no matter what occasion...


Sports luxe

Shorts, simple t-shirts and casual footwear. Some of Beckham's dress-down highlights.


Tip #1: understand how to wear sports luxe

Sports luxe is the definition of modern, comfy and cool. Think vests, bomber jackets and hi-top trainers for a wearable look with a spirit of athleticism. Being an ex-footballer, it’s only fitting that Becks is a master of the sports luxe vibe. But how does he carry it off so well?

The trick to wearing sports luxe is to keep things simple. Nobody likes a try hard, so keep the colours muted and earthy, the materials soft and baggy, and wear beanie hats like they’re going out of fashion. Except they’re not and never will.


Tip #2: footwear is your most important asset

Whenever you see a picture of Becks, you’ll always notice his shoe game is on point. He's a master of making the perfect combos. While he was renowned for some rather garish pieces of footwear on the field, his taste off it has mellowed rather nicely. Often seen swaggering through the airports in dark brown Chelsea boots, or papped at an awards in some patent Oxfords - he knows when to switch it up.

Beckham shoes

Beckham is a fan of dark brown Chelsea boots, having been spotted out and about in them a few times recently.


Shameless plug alert, but our Camden Brown Chelsea boots are the perfect partner in crime for all of your casual activities.

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Tip #3: all black will always be in fashion

If there is one thing Beckham does well, it’s wear black. Sounds simple right? Well there is an art to it believe it or not. What the former free-kick specialist knows is that simplicity is key. All black is a classic - portraying confidence and presence in an understated way. Sounds contradictory doesn’t it. But all black outfits can make you stand out from the crowd, without shouting too loudly - without shouting at all in fact.


All black beckham

Black is never back because it is always in. Remember that. David does.


Many people are scared of wearing all black though, as it may seem boring, plain or even gothic. However, beckham knows that the slightest tweak to one of the pieces of clothing is all it takes to make things interesting. A chain to the jeans or backless shoes (though we aren’t quite convinced on these yet) is enough to make a black ensemble interesting.

We recommend starting from the footwear (of course), and investing in some of these beautiful Ealing Black Oxford brogues from our London Edit. You are welcome.

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