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The 7 best Instagram accounts to follow in 2018

Posted on 28 January, 2018

Written by JON CLARKE


It’s 2018 and your Instagram feed needs a revamp. We aren’t asking you to follow these accounts, we're telling you. Why? Well because they’re quite simply epic. We’ve selected a wide range of accounts for you to follow, based on a variety of topics, so you’re sure to find one that will pique your interest...


1. Best Slow Motion

Best slow motion


Category: science

Profile vibe: fascination, captivating, addictive

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The concept to this profile is simple. They video really cool stuff… in slow motion. The end result is quite enthralling. From people being slapped in the face with fire, to pitbulls eating bananas - the content is random, engaging and rather satisfying.


2. National Geographic

National Geographic


Category: culture

Profile vibe: eye opening, enthralling, inspiring, harrowing

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As you’d probably expect, the National Geographic Instagram feed is a myriad of captivating images from all around the world. Often captivating, frequently harrowing, but always inspiring - you need to follow this account if you love travelling and culture.


3. Gym Motivation

Gym motivation


Category: fitness & motivation

Profile vibe: informative, inspiring, helpful

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Sometimes there are days when you’d rather lie in bed and scroll your Instagram feed until sunset. This profile aims to kick your ass into gear and get you in the gym faster than you can say “crossfit!”. With all kinds of helpful advice, as well as motivation, makes this a great profile to maintain your fitness resolutions all year long.


4. Gentlemen



Category: luxury/mens fashion

Profile vibe: opulence, expensive, designer, style

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For the people who enjoy the finer things in life, this Instagram profile features everything from Ferraris to fur coats. It will inspire you to be successful, it will teach you how to dress well, and it will give you a penchant for supercars.


5. The Rock

The Rock


Category: celebrity

Profile vibe: motivational, feel good, advice-giving, celebrity life insight

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Who doesn’t love The Rock? Whether he’s your childhood wrestling hero, or your go-to workout motivator, Dwayne Johnson is an all round mr. nice guy. His Instagram profile provides a look into the humble and thankful life he leads, with training clips and behind the scenes footage in Hollywood. Oh and, for a guy that’s 6 feet 3 and 236lb, he doesn’t half wear a suit well.


6. Animals Doing Things

Animals Doing Things


Category: Animals

Profile vibe: animals, humour, cuteness

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When the internet was first conceived, I’m sure the single major use for it wasn’t intended to be ‘watching cute animal videos’. Yet here we are. Animals Doing Things is an Instagram account that compiles your daily dose of animal cuteness into one easy to navigate profile. Careful though, you could lose hours of your life watching them.


7. Love Food

Love Food


Category: food

Profile vibe: tasty, recipes, hunger-inducing, food close-ups

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We've had the gym motivation and holiday inspiration, now it's time to end on a culinary treat. Love Food is an instagram account passionate about the world's finest and most unique bites to eat. From sweet to savoury, you'll find a wealth of delicious snack ideas here and, if your mouth isn't watering after scrolling down this feed (pun intended), you're not human.


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