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Posted on 31 January, 2017


Ok, so you're no doubt wondering whether or not you've stumbled across the wrong website. You were hoping for advice on footwear and this popped up. You've clicked so stay with us. "How to get the best from your dick" isn't a guide to make your friend Richard work harder, it's much more. 

It's about using what God gave you to make women feel God is giving it to them. Bigger doesn't always mean better. Think of sex like pool - no it's not about sinking balls - it's all about the right angles and power regardless if you cue is bent, massive or child sized.

Just average 

If you're wondering what's "average" well the average length of a man's penis is 5.16 inches (when erect) and the average girth (when erect) is 4.59 inches. But just because you're landing around the average mark doesn't mean the sex has to be. Crack out some advanced positions to work your way through. We're talking the butter churner, the X position (see image), the David Copperfield and the Pretzel. If none of those ring a bell, book a day off work for tomorrow (tell her too, otherwise it'll be a long day).



The "woah there boy" size

If your genetics are part human part horse, we have just the advice for you. Before you go galloping ahead spend some time on foreplay - up to 15 minutes is best. Foreplay shouldn't be, "can I fuck ya?", but rather considered attention on the erogenous zones. This will help her vagina to relax and expand making penetration easier. Using lube is a good idea too. In addition, suggest your partner get on top so she is in control of deep you go. 

A modest size 

And by "modest" we mean a small cock. Don't be ashamed. Be knowledgeable. Make your way round the back. Sorry, not like popping into your mate's via the conservatory extension. We're talking doggy style. The position offers the deepest penetration there is...and that's a GS guarantee. Give her a pillow to rest her head and shoulders on and don't be concerned about friction. With a smaller cock, it'll be a welcome bonus.

Where's he off to?

If your member is pointing in any direction but her don't fret. In fact, a slight curve on your cock can make things more fun as you both try to find the right angle. That said, don't treat her like a tricky shot on the black. "Can you get me some chalk, love." But it's a good opportunity to sample positions you've never attempted before. Consider this: when your penis is curved it can actually be more effective at internal stimulation - such as hitting the G-spot. 




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