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Has Peaky Blinders made flat caps cool again?

Posted on 19 October, 2016


People care what they look like now more than ever. The 21st century may have bought some questionable fashion trends for us to feast on, but the goal for all of them – believe it or not – has been the same – to look good.

Whilst many of us try our utmost to look our best on every occasion, sometimes we can all be guilty of falling short. Because of this many have at least one celebrity they dream of looking like, but we don’t all have the time (read: can be bothered) to spend hours in the gym to get abs which grate cheese like Zac Efron’s.

Irishman Cillian Murphy is a name on that list for some due to his current role as the main protagonist in the BBC’s hit show Peaky Blinders. For those unaware of the series, it’s a 1920s gangster drama set in Birmingham, so there is the downside of having to endure the drone of the Midlands accent for 60 minutes a week.

However, one allure of the programme is the fashion, with most of the cast adorning three piece suits. Stretching from pinstripe to tweed, it’s clear every character has an arsenal of ensembles to maximise their look, with accessories such as pocket squares, braces, caps and pocket watches refining the 1920s suave

Therefore, the closest we can come to looking like our rich, celebrity counterparts is to dress like them. Despite this, fashion has evolved since the 1920s, so we’re not suggesting you stroll into work tomorrow in a tweed three piece suit. Not only will you exert more sweat than a Scotsman in Spain, you’ll also be looked at like a maniac.

Nonetheless, there can be a more subtle way of going about this, and people seem to be doing so as flat caps appear to be on the steady increase both in public and on shop shelves.

Now, we’d like to clear something up. When we speak of flap caps we aren’t referring to the ones skateboarders wear backwards or teenagers have with an American sporting franchise on the front. Think Only Fools and Horses not Kidulthood.

Technically speaking the caps that appear in Peaky Blinders are news boy caps, not flat caps, but you can be forgiven for getting the two confused as they carry a similar appearance. However, when adding them to your outfit it must be done delicately.

News boy caps are much more difficult to master and tend to flatter darker clothes. However, flat caps are far more flexible and can be worn more nonchalantly. If you’re aiming for the Peaky Blinders look, grab yourself a tweed one which is a couple of shades off from whatever is on your torso.

Flat caps used to be reserved for people from Bristol and farmers, but now there appears to be a change. So go out there and channel your inner Thomas Shelby, but just try not to start any family wars or illegal gambling pitches, it may reflect badly on us.

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