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Posted on 09 June, 2016

If you read this blog, you’ll become cool over night. That’s a guarantee. Well, that’s the aim at least. Think of this blog as that single dose of Azithromycin for the Chlamydia you’re nursing - one 250mg dose down your neck and the next day you’re a new man. This blog is your antibiotic. Open wide.

1. Invest In Pieces That Will Always Be In Style

Sure, trends are great but style never goes out of fashion. Meaning make sure there are items in your collection that are timeless and transcend seasons - we’re thinking a good quality pair of brown brogues, a well-fitted navy suit and a few crisp white shirts. There are, of course, the odd items that are applicable to specific seasons and can be whipped out when the weather permits.

2. Don’t skimp on the parts under the hood

The hood is, of course, your clothing and the parts your underwear – what the hell were you thinking?! Your kecks should never be stained with sweat, shit or s…, you get the picture – you wouldn’t wear a shirt to the office with those three offences on it, would you. Quality underpants give you a boost of confidence so treat them with the same love and care as would your favourite brogues – polished and left by your partner’s door?

3. Don’t be a stranger to your barber

Even if you’re coming over just a tad over the sides, you’ll go from Mad Men to mad man very quickly in the eyes of your peers. That means building up a solid relationship with a decent barber and popping in to see him every six weeks. Cancel important doctor’s appointments if necessary to honour the booking.

4. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

This may seem marginally effeminate and anal but getting your shit together the night before will save bags of time the following morning. As a plus, it will assure that your outfit looks well thought out and not assembled by the Mad Hatter on crack. Preparation is especially key when you’re going away, unless you’re going to Thailand in which case you’ll need flip-flops, a bong and a pair of Rays.

5. Embrace

In the end, it all comes down to actually giving a shit about the way you look. You have to want style and nurture it like a rare exotic plant. Take care in tending to it and enjoying the process of watching it develop over time. Unless you revel in the moments you spend working on yourself, you might as well give up and let that flower wither and die. What a strong ending to a blog.


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