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Posted on 13 March, 2017


By the way, we’ve got 12 not 26. Soz. We lied. 

Summer is arriving and no doubt you’ll be setting sail to lands abroad. To make sure you don’t stick out like an ignorant lout, we’ve assembled some of the hottest slangs from countries across the globe. If you’re not from that country yourself then trust us. If you are, you’ll no doubt be nodding your head in agreement.  



1. “Haben haben!” [ha ben ha ben]

- You’re in Munich, it’s sunny and the girls and boys are loving life and are in the mood to party. This phrase simply means “get on it.” Often used when talking specifically about beers and nothing stronger. 



2. “Chimbooking” [chim booking]

- In Cape Verde the term chimbooking means to squeeze a girls bum in a semi-sexual manner. “Give her a cheeky chimbook John.” 



3. “Fannying around” [fannying around]

- You and your mates are stood in the garden having a BBQ (so fucking British) and the numpty manning the grill is treating the cooking like a Gordon Ramsey masterclass. “Oi Terry, stop fannying around. I’m starving.” 


4. “Yo, 50 bucks for a Satsuma” [yo, fifty bucks for a Satsuma]

- In New York’s upper east side the phrase ‘fancy a satsuma’ means a would you like a handjob. If you’re in the Big Apple and someone shouts that sentence at you, either run or prepare for a memorable experience. 



5. “Estoy la dedos!” [est stoy la day doss]

If you’ve ever watched a film about Mexico you’ll have undoubtedly heard this phrase “You, beaut, you!” Usually said with a look of mild jealousy and admiration.  



6. “Che palle sei Handy” [chay pal lay say Gandy]

- Younger citizens of Florence or Florentines shout this when anything walks past as “chiseled as David Gandy’s jawline.” Hand gestures are crucial when saying this. Contact Jack Dyson for specific details. 



7. “Scrapjacked” [scrap jacked]

- A word used throughout Australia and in some areas of New Zealand too. For one word it really packs a punch; its definition is approximately “lost all of my money playing cards.” 


8. “бабки отдохнулиx!” Zadrota jablofon!”

– If you find yourself in Kaliningrad necking two shots of vodka with two blonde-haired girls you’ll hear this being shouted in Russia. Just be sure you’re holding the shot glass with your left hand. 



9. “Mi rhaatid irie bredren” [me raa tid I ree bread ren]

- Barbados natives or Bajans use this term to describe the weather on a hot but clammy day. Usually said while staring into the middle distance with reggae lightly playing in the background.



10. “Nasrat si někam” [naz rat see nay kam]

- The prize for the most eloquent way to explain that you’ve truly had enough booze must surely go to the Czechs. “Nasrat si někam” literally means to “empty the belly of an elephant” – basically, you’ve had more than a skim full and the contents of your stomach is on the verge of a mass exodus. 


11. Sitta i knot!” [sit ta I ka nate]

- So, you’re at a pool party and it’s getting to that time of night where things are taking a turn for the frisky (much Like Tinie Tempah). We have you covered. “Sitta i knäet” roughly translates to “take it all off” and used to in a carefree, who gives a shit manner.  



12.  “You’re such a skookum” [You’re such a skookum]

- When you’re at a party and some nutter knocks over a tray of drinks they immediately become a skookum or an idiot, a silly billy, a fucking moron. If you’re reading this thinking I don’t know anyone like that…it’s you.

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