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Posted on 01 June, 2016


It's the start of summer and your balls are gradually beginning to thaw from yet another winter wonderland. 

But before leaving your cave wanting to enjoy the warmer weather, you'll need a new look. A new you. There's no more need for snow boots, crampons or skis, and put down that ice-pick. It's time to turn over a new leaf. 

Fortunately, the new Goodwin Smith SS16 footwear range has arrived at GSHQ. Not GCHQ, that’s something completely different. Here, we’ve got the Healey Navy Derby, the Harry Stone, the Brisbane Mocc Bordo, oh it’s all going down here sunshine!

Jack Dyson, GS Brand Manager and UK Origami champion, is here to talk you through the new arrivals. 

“For me, the most exciting thing to come out of the new collection is the injection of colour, it’s going off. I’m talking bordo, burgundy, powder blue, tan - there really is a colour for everyone here. We’ve also brought back the loafer style by popular demand, they make a strong appearance in the new collection.”

What’s so special about the loafer?

“I’m glad you asked. When looking at spring summer trends, we have to consider how people are going to be wearing the shoes and with what. Loafers are such a diverse shoe and work well with so many looks: chinos, jeans, shorts, the list goes on. It’s always associated with the spring summer season because of its diversity, it’s a real simple way of dressing up or down any look. Take the Italians for example, known for their fashion sense, they take a loafer, add a suit jacket, subtract the socks and look incredible.”

Che figo!

“Exactly. You can be in work mode and or play mode in the same pair of shoes. The Clark Kent’s of the shoe world; ready for anything.”

What about the rest of the line, are there any other surprises? 

“We've still got the old classics in there like the monk strap and the oxford brogue, which are traditionally seen as a more dressy shoe. We've got a lot of two-tones going on too, it’s a big trend at the minute.”

And what’s the Goodwin SS16 range trying to say?

“Great question. This range communicates classic styles but with a contemporary twist. We're not reinventing the wheel here because these shoes could work all year round. But what we're doing is putting the usual GS switch on them. They’re for people who want to stand out from the crowd…for all the right reasons.”


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